Arrest, Search & Seizure

Proper Handcuffing & Arrest Technique Course in California. Learn how to arrest and use handcuffs in compliance with California laws.

Taught by Deputy

7yr Deputy for Los Angeles County, 4yrs of Custody experience, 3yrs of Patrol experience

Because the equipment is so simple to operate, many make the mistake of disregarding training – feeling perhaps it is unnecessary. A considerable amount of lawsuits that hit security agencies and police departments surround or involve the arrest process or some type of use of force; with that said, it only makes sense that security professionals remain highly-trained and knowledgeable in this area.

This is a 4 hours course, with lecture and hands-on practical training with handcuffs. It is recommended that you take a handcuff training course to avoid any future legal or civil liability. The course will cover how to properly place handcuff in an efficient and quick as possible to avoid any injury to the person being handcuffed or to the guard.

The Security Guard Handcuff Training Course will cover the following:

  • Life-Based Scenarios

  • Law enforcement techniques

  • Civilian Arrest

  • Legal and moral aspects

  • Verbal Commands

  • Transition from Firearm to Handcuffs

  • Tactical Takedowns

  • Pressure Compliance

  • Resistive Handcuffing

  • Disengagement


A handcuff is a device used for restricting a subject’s movements temporarily. It is one of the best techniques to keep someone that is prone to resistance. It is a good preventive measure but only if applied properly because it could be dangerous if improperly applied. Arresting officers must handcuff suspects or aggressive people according to the basic handcuffing guidelines to guarantee the safety of other law enforcement officers, the safety of the general public, or the safety of the suspect at risk of harming themselves.