Draken Training Division Station 7625 Hayvenhurst Av, Van Nuys , CA 91406


Date & Time:

Every day, Mon-Fri, 9am to 4pm

Call us to book your spot (818)-616-9696 or Email us Jeremy@drakensecurity.com


The future of firearms training is now here with the Draken Training Virtual Shooting Range. You can receive the very best training possible without putting yourself at risk of any danger. This shooting simulator will set the new standard of firearm training by allowing anyone to prepare for many real-life situations that require quick reaction. Without this technology, there is no way to prepare and train for these circumstances in a completely safe manner.

Draken Security is offering the opportunity to practice your shooting skills in a non-classroom setting. This training was created in response to our officers and new students as a way to practice what they have learned while enjoying the different scenarios and games of our Smokeless Range.


Come and work on your position, manipulations, drawing, accuracy and speed without spending any money on Ammo or Range Fees!!


1 SHOOTER with Instructor: $75

2 SHOOTERS with Instructor: $99

1-Hr Virtual Pro Shooting Range