We provide civilians, first responders, and security personnel the training and skills to survive, protect their families, and the public’s lives in an ever-changing and fluid environment.




OUR most intense tactical training
taught by former FBI Hostage Rescue Team Instructors.


We live in a world where emergencies and catastrophes can take place at any time. Over the past decades we’ve learned that critical incidents can break out at any time.  Are you ready to defend your loved ones and co-workers? Do you want to be ready?


Whether you’re just a mamma or papa bear trying to protect your cubs, or it’s your job & passion to protect people, Draken Training Division wants to help you be ready for these types of incidents.  Most people focus on making their homes and structures hard targets, planning to prevent, and developing tactics to avoid becoming a target.  These are all great things to consider and apply.


But when all that fails, or a scenario we weren't planning for surprises us, there’s a fundamental core of skills that you will depend on to increase your likelihood of survival.  D.T.D has chosen a course that we believe will teach you those core fundamentals to help you and those you defend survive these critical incidents.  This is why we’ve put together a “Critical Defender” course for you.  Our Critical Defender course is three days of training and instruction by professionals that have spent the majority of their lives protecting and defending people.  Become a Critical Defender with us.

Training with D.T.D

Draken Training Division's Executives combined 30+ years of experience in different areas such as FBI, Military, International EP Agent, Government Protection, Police, etc. ABOUT US


Our Instructors for the different training include Veterans, Deputies, Marine Corps Doctors, Krav Maga Masters, MMA Fighters, and International Executive Protection Officers. OUR TEAM

Our On-Demand Training We understand it's not always easy to find the class you want to attend, with the dates that work for you. We are now offering  ON_DEMAND TRAINING ;

Pick your location, pick your date and time, and you are good to go! Private & small group lessons include goals and/or curriculum previously discussed with your firearms instructors. 

The Executive Protection Training Program consists of essential courses for both beginners and Security Professionals who want to boost their resume with a certification that meets a standard acceptable to the corporate world and has a reputation in the Executive Protection Industry. EPO TRAINING

Our Courses will provide you the experience and certification required to be pro efficient on the field.

Draken's Advanced Tactical Training has been developed by our elite instructors and is based on their military/security operations from all over the world. Check-out 


Our Pistol & Carbine Courses are designed for everyone, from first-time shooters to Advanced shooters.



The most intense tactical training taught by former FBI Hostage Rescue Team Instructors.