Become a Security Officer in California! Join our BSIS Guard Card classes.

Continuing education and Guard Card renewal.


This program is the complete 40-hour BSIS Guard Card course. It comprises all of Parts 1, 2, and 3. Each section must be completed according to the time schedule mandated by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Ask us for the available dates.


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Date & Time:

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  • Power to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction - 8 hrs

  • Communication and its Significance - 4 hrs

  • Public Relations - 4 hrs

  • Observation and Documentation - 4 hrs

  • Liability / Legal Aspects - 4 hrs

  • Officer Safety - 4 hrs

  • Trespass - 4 hrs

  • Arrests, Search and Seizure - 4 hrs

  • Employer Policies / Orientation - 4hrs


Obtaining a California Security Guard Card is one of the greatest door openers for a security officer to pursue a security career and opportunity. But for others, undergoing guard training and taking relevant courses are nothing but a major roadblock.

How Do I Get a BSIS Guard Card?

Before you apply for a California security guard license, you must be at least 18 years old or over and you shouldn’t have any record for a violent felony or misdemeanor.



Complete the “Power to Arrest ” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” training and pass the examination at Draken Training Security Office in Van Nuys.


STEP 2: Submitting A Security Officer Application

You and Draken Training will submit a security officer application online. It will be sent electronically to the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

STEP 3: Live-scan & DOJ

Submit your fingerprints electronically using Live Scan. You must only use the security guard Live Scan forms downloaded from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services website or get it from Draken Training Security.

STEP 4: Verification

Once the Bureau received your application and criminal history clearances, you can already enter the Bureau’s website. You can verify the Bureau’s approval by checking the Bureau’s “Verify a License”.

Once your registration has been cleared and appears on the Bureau’s website, a screen-print may be made and used as an interim security guard registration.

The actual security guard registration will be mailed to you in about 10 to 15days, then you can start with the other required guard training and courses to become a security officer.


Once you receive your guard card, you are required to complete an additional 32 hours of education. The first 16 hours are composed of four mandatory classes: Public Relations (Community & Customer); Observation & Documentation; Communication and its Significance; and Liability / Legal Aspects. The remaining 16 hours of education is composed of electives, such as Patrol Techniques, Officer Safety, and so on.

How Long Does It Take To Get a BSIS Guard Card?

According to the California BSIS, the process takes about 7 to 15 working days if you have zero criminal records. If you have some criminal history, no matter how minor, it usually takes 4-8 weeks to receive a decision that is typically sent to your physical address.

How Do I Renew My Guard Card?

BSIS requires you to confirm that you’ve completed ALL of your continuing education training prior to guard card renewal.

  • Always make sure to update your address with BSIS.

  • Use the most current BSIS renewal form for your license type.

  • Make sure you sign the document.

  • Provide the exact guard card renewal fee.

  • Mail your signed document to BSIS between 60 and 90days before your current guard card expires.


How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Guard Card?

In pursuing a security guard career, paying for guard training and courses is not enough. Processing and paying for a guard card is also a must. If you choose to apply online, the fee for the BSIS security guard application is $50, while the online convenience fee is $1. You also need to submit fingerprints using Live Scan, and it costs $32 for the DOJ, while the FBI costs $19.

If you decide to apply the normal way, you’ll pay the same amount, but you don’t need to pay the $1 online convenience fee, but this takes longer compared to processing online, and you also need to prepare for the postal charges since you have to send the document and other requirements by mail.

Start your guard card processing today and get more information about our security training courses. Call Draken Training now to discuss your options! (818) 616-9696

The Guard Card Course is an 8-hour class that allows individuals to become eligible to register for a CA Guard Card license through the Bureau of Security & Investigated Services (BSIS) to become a licensed security guard. 40 HOUR FULL PACKAGE: $99


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